Parent Videos

A video on how to log into your Google Classroom Accounts.

If you are still having difficulties logging in after following the instructions on the video reach out to Mr. Velamisa in ClassDojo or by email

How to mark yourself present each day for attendance and find Classwork and when assignments are due.

Finding BrainPop assignments through your Google Classroom Accounts

Using Google Calendar to quickly find assignments.

Mark as Done or Turn in Work in Google Classroom

Some assignments will be attached with a document to complete and other will not. Here is how you complete each type of assignment.

Using Student Codes to log into codespark

Click here after watching the video or go to


Use the Calendar to find what is due for just that day.

Adding Accounts to Chrome

Add your P.S. 268 Account to Chrome. When you do your Google Classroom Apps won't constantly ask you for codes to access them.