• We are using the accounts this year to get into Google Classroom. If you don't know your child's username or need to change the password go to You will need to know their OSIS number.

Google Classroom will be the way assignments will given to all students grade k-5. Although the assignments will be there that does not mean you will have no contact with your child's teacher.

Click Here for Google Classroom

Gmail will be how your teachers send messages to the class about assignments and resources. Gmail will also be the way your students will get alerts for when a virtual class, led by the teacher, will take place.

Click Here for Gmail

Meet is the video conferencing app that teachers will use to present their lessons to the class. Students will get an invite to join a Meet. The teacher will lead the lesson and students can ask questions and even conference among themselves to work collaboratively. Students can also use Meet to virtually visit their friends when class is not in session.

Click Here for Meet

Google Docs will be the app to create, edit and collaborate with others on documents. With Google Docs you can hand in writing assignments. You can share your work with your teacher by clicking the share button on any document.

Click Here to try Google Docs

You can log into ZOOM using you NYCSTUDENTS (for students) or DOE (for staff) accounts.

Click here for the NYCDOE portal to ZOOM